Anne Becker

Thank you for visiting. My name is Anne Becker and I am a working artist in Salt Lake City, UT. I use elements of design, color, shape, and pattern to develop unique aesthetic statements. My process is to act on and react to a painting until I feel there is a balanced and beautiful relationship between elements. I do not generally paint from life or from photos, but rather I prefer to interact solely with the painting itself, following my own instincts and emotions to dictate the final outcome.

Studio visits by appointment.

Studio: Workshop SLC #2


If you love my work and would like a custom piece, I will work with you on color, design, and size to create a unique painting that will bring beauty and joy to your home.

Gallery Representation:

15th Street Gallery, 1519 1500 E, Salt Lake City

Evergreen Gallery, 3295 S 2000 E, Salt Lake City